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Playing Cards - Denmark

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Denmark Playing cards



Description of playing cards


DEN004   Non-standard playing cards.. Rock & bubble by Dandy chewing gum. 52 + special joker famous pop-stars.  Mint


DEN005   Non-standard playing cards.. football by Dandy chewing gum 52 famous footballer+ special joker. Mint


DEN009    Ungdomsskolen. Non-standard advertising playing cards deck with mottos & slogans. Suit signs altered. Unusual. 52 mint, no box


Salomon & co. circa 1900 gold corners . No indices on pips 52 very good 75.00
DEN015 bb001 Non-standard playing cards courts  Fjerde Sq. 1986 unusual deck for an Insurance company shows people on court cards 52 +Joker +box Mint 18.00
DEN016 cv006 Non-standard playing cards courts. Reproduction of a mid-nineteenth century transformation deck of Fromann & Bunte, lovely repro in special box + 2 info cards, all MINT, issued for a museum in Copenhagen 25.00

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