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Collectible Playing Cards - France 2

Note: Scanned images of representative cards from a deck can be emailed upon request.

Item Ref Description Price
FRA158 bb097 Non-standard playing cards . Correspondances 1985 illustrated by Laurence Caiazzo & Pica-Cicero-Scop. 52 + 2 special Jokers + spare card + leaflet + box. All Mint. Brown backs 45.00
FRA159 Fourn589 BB112-3 * Non-standard playing cards. Les Presidents de la Republique Francaise, 52 + 2  special Jokers + 8-page leaflet + box, all MINT 1981. 18.00
FRA160 bb086 Non-standard playing cards courts. Rombaldi 1981, delightful cartoon courts Lucky Luke etc. 52 + spare card + 2 special jokers + box, all MINT 18.00
FRA161 Fourn563 BB091 Non-standard playing cards courts.  1900, a delightful deck in the art nouveau style of Alfonse Mucha, produced in 1979 it portrays celebs of the 1900 period, such as Sarah Bernhardt, Tiffany, Gaudi, etc etc. Design by Marie Christine Schira By Grimaud, Paris,. 52 + 2 spare cards + 2 leaflet  + 2 special jokers + box, all MINT 24.00
FRA163 BB0114 Non-standard playing cards  KNOLL INTEERNATIONAL- Design by Jean Garcon 1968 for Chabrieres & co. amazing designs, lovely art, 52 + 2 special jokers + spare card all MINT + plastic box   N/A
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bb104 Non-standard playing cards. Jeu de la belle Epoque, a beautiful Non-standard  deck 52 + 2 special .jokers + sc + box all MINT 20.00
FRA165 bb092  Non-standard playing cards courts. Mont Saint Michel, 52 + special .joker + spare card + box MINT 12.00
bb107 Non-standard playing cards courts. Smith Corona Marchant. Lovely advertising deck, 52 + 2 spare card + 2 special .jokers, all MINT. No box 20.00
FRA167 bb094 Non-standard playing cards. Le Burling, stationary adverts, 52 + special .Joker + box MINT 30.00
FRA168 bb326 Non-standard playing cards. Passion Directe of Cabrini. Special elongated fashion advertising deck for company, complete skat deck of 32 + 3 spare cards + special joker, all MINT, + box good. 35.00
FRA169 bb115 Non-standard playing cards. Pierre Cardin, unique designs on each card, 52 + spare card + 2 special jokers, all MINT + pl.box broken. 35.00
FRA170 bb404
 Non-standard playing cards courts. Glorious Russia, 1995 special skat deck of 36 cards complete,  36 + box, all MINT 12.00
FRA171 bb077 Non-standard playing cards. Portrait Francaise. 1983. a beautiful reproduction of the 1813 deck, revised in 1848 by Grimaud, the cards are square cornered, thick card, doing justice to the original. delightful deck for any collection. 52 + sc MINT + box nm 20.00
FRA173 Bb312-13 Non-standard playing card Legion Etrangere, The French Foreign Legion, a very special deck of cards high quality, each card shows views and projects undertaken by the FFL, 52 +2 special jokers +box mint  20.00
FRA174 bb403 Non-standard playing card  courts Made for Russia 1999. special pack made by Grimaud for the Russian market, 52 + 2 special jokers  + box, all MINT 15.00
FRA175 bb457 Non-standard playing card Regions de France by PHILIBERT, very high quality cards, gold-framed edges, blue sides, 52 + 2 special jokers + box, all MINT 35.00

bb222 Non-standard pin-up playing cards. Cartes Sexy. A very high-quality pin up glamour deck circa 1950's French style, 52 + sc + 2 special jokers + plus .box MINT 40.00
FRA178 bb266 Non-standard playing card. . France travel cards. 1971. Lots of tourist info on each card, nice art, 52 + 2 special .jokers . all MINT 18.00
FRA179 LN05 Furn563 Non-standard playing card courts. 1900 art Nouveau. Issued 1979 by Grimaud, depicting such figures as Tiffany, Emile Galle, Sarah Bernhardt, Gaudi, etc etc 52 + 2 Jokers + spare card + leaflet + box all MINT 30.00
FRA180 cv012 Non-standard playing card.  Game of Tarot by Heron, 78 cards + leaflet + box Mint pretty images 20.00
FRA181 cv103 Non-standard playing card.  L'union Americaine. Reproduction of an 1830 deck, 52+ 2 Jokers + spare card + box all MINT 20.00
FRA182 cv122 Non-standard playing card. Les Cris de Paris pretty set 52 + 2 special jokers mint sealed +box near mint 20.00
FRA183 cv059  Non-standard playing card. Grand Prix 1973 this deck was the result of a competition run by Grimaud to find good playing card design artists, this deck is the result of the winning artist GENEVIEVE LIROLA for which she won 30,000 francs ( which was about 3000 pounds at that time ). 52 + 2 special .jokers + spare cards  + box all MINT. 30.00
FRA184 cv112 Tarot fortune telling playing cards Reproduction of the 1760 ancient Tarot of Marseille, set of 78 cards in special box + 48 page book, all MINT + box near mint. Heavy 30.00

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