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Our stock of playing cards  is always changing & evolving as we buy-in new collections.  
IF…..you have any similar collections  of playing cards or cards game for sale, do contact us.

Note: Scanned images of representative cards from a deck can be emailed upon request.

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Item Ref Description Price
IND005   ns. WF wrestling. each card depicts world famous wrestlers, high quality colour photographs.. 52 + sc + box. g-vg N/A
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  Aadvertising playing cards. Newman co Calcutta by Waddington's wide 4-corner indices, circa 1930 unusual ace, plain pink backs, 52 very good + half-box poor 12.00
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Non-standard playing cards. Kama Sutra, very old circular lacquered hand made cards depicting the erotic variances of the Kama Sutra on each card with English style indices, very rare item, adults only 200.00
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  Non-standard playing cards courts. Chris Jane, specially produced set of cards to celebrate a special date October 16, 2004.
very scarce, delightful cartoon courts, 52 + spare card + special  Joker + box, all Mint
IND013 bb156 Non-standard playing cards The Club Mahabaleshwar 125 years. Delightful images by photo, 52 + sc + 2 special  Joker + box, all MINT 15.00
IND014 bb206 Non-standard playing cards,  MUSEO Chillida LEKU—nice quality Art Deck, 52 unusual art cards + 3 special .Jokers all MINT + box near mint 25.00
IND015 bb416 Non-standard playing cards. Deck of Death, depicts tactics for survival in combat, 52 + 2 spare card + 2 special .Jokers + box, all mint 18.00
IND016 bb423 Non-standard playing cards. Gourmet Gambler, all cards depict food products, 52 + sc + 2 special .Jokers + plastic box, all Mint 18.00
IND017 bb149 Collectable Non-standard playing cards  Dream. Colourful pin-up deck 52 + 2 special .Jokers  + box mint 12.00
IND018 bb143  Non-standard Collectable playing cards.  OverTime. A pin-up glamour deck suits repeated, 52 + special joker + box all MINT 18.00

IND 019
bb419 Collectable Non-standard courts playing cards Puzzle Pirates 52 + spare card + 2 special Jokers + box MINT 16.00
IND020 bb418 Collectable Non-standard playing cards Kobudo. Martial arts drawings, 52 + 2 special Jokers + box Mint 16.00
IND021 bb342 Collectable Non-standard playing cards.  Las Vegas, nice souvenir deck, images of Las Vegas  52 + 2 special Jokers + spare card  + box, all MINT 15.00
IND022 bb322 Collectable Non-standard courts playing cards."L" a special promotional deck with staff workers as courts, nice designs, good quality cards, 52 + 2 special jokers + box, all MINT 18.00
IND023 bb334 Collectable Non-standard courts playing cards. Circleville 100 th Pumpkin show, 52 + 2 special jokers  + spare card + box all MINT 16.00
IND024 bb320 Non-standard advertising playing cards..RIA Whisky, 52 + special joker +.spare card + box, all mint 12.00
IND025 bb332 Collectable Non-standard playing cards, cards game .RIPT, Innova Golf game cards, a lovely deck of playing cards that can also be used as a golf game, 52 + 2 special jokers + spare card + box, all MINT 20.00
IND026 bb337 Collectable Non-standard playing cards. The Hot Puppies, ( NOT dogs ) it is a promotional deck for a company, nicely designed, by Adam Burton unusual courts, 52 + 2 special jokers +plain  box, all MINT 20.00
IND027 bb340 Collectable Non-standard playing cards.  New Wave, MOMENI, a set of cards devoted to the rug designs of a famous Persian rug maker who moved to USA & built this company. Unique deck, 52 + 2 spare card + 2 special jokers+ box, all MINT 18.00
IND028 bb336 Collectable Non-standard advertising  playing cards.  Puroflux, all cards depict images of the products by this company, 52 + 2 Jokers + box, all MINT 12.00
IND029 bb331 Collectable Non-standard playing cards. HP Purchasedge, wonderful high-quality ns deck, amazing designs, 52 + 2 sp.Jokers + sc + box, all MINT 24.00

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